Karen Gray, RI

Mary Bazzano, CT

Robert Dinerstein, NY 

Rhoda & Mel Leffert, NY

Jeffrey Slocum, NJ

Norma Skolnik, NY

Robin & Dennis Meyerson

Basya Petnick, CA

Fran Szaluta, NY  

Brian Seuter, FL                Deb Doersch, NY

Judy Vanderryn, CO

Mary Parker, CT

Lauren Coppola, CT

Donna Wilson, NY

Ellen Berson, FL

Vicki Greenberg, NY

Eileen Colalillo, NY

Adrienne Silver, NY

Margrit Vanderryn, CA

Fran Zinman, NY

Arlene Braverman, NY

The Fusaro Family, NV

Marye Newfield, NY

Shelby & Dallas Rose, GA

Bill Perlis, California

​The Hanrahans, CT

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Gamers for Life

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We also truly want to thank all the people that bought flowers and gave us donations while we were out walking around for our Floral Spring Fundraiser. We walked up to you as strangers and we left as friends. Thank you so much for your generosity. You really touched our hearts and we are sorry that we did not get some of your names.        Thanks for believing in us!  

A huge THANK YOU goes out to all our contributors / donors / supporters / sponsors / benefactors / patrons / a.k.a. OUR FRIENDS!  

Matthew and Maya Meyerson, New York

Ann Miltenber, New York

Snouts & Kisses, Connecticut

The Nimr Family, CT 

Missy & Josh Rose, Maryland

The Minaides Family, New Jersey

Nancy & Fred Linxweiler, Ohio

McKenzie & Nathan Zoccano, CT 

Scott at NY's Pizza Tours, NY

The Fraise Family, CT  (dogsitting)

Ele & Joli Fashjian, CT  (dogsitting)

Cocoa Freitag, CT  (dogsitting)

​Gina and Mark, Chase Bank, Southport, CT